About us

Pyrotechnics & Special Effects FX Specialists

We offer competitive and cost effective pyrotechnic and special effects solutions for all types of events. We are committed to delivering a personal and professional service. High standards and strict code of practice ensure work is carried out effectively and safely. Building on many years of experience and using state-of-the-art equipment, we excel in professional firework / pyrotechnic displays and special effects, including flames, CO2, fire, bubbles, balloons, confetti and explosions!  For enquiries please contact us or to explore examples of our work visit our videos page. 

Live Entertainment

We provide fireworks displays, pyro & special effects FX for live entertainment events.

Sport Events

Our special effects add to a number of sports events, including motocross and off-road cars events.

Concerts & Festivals

Our smoke, CO2, confetti, flames and other pyrotechnic effects complete any stage or arena performance.

Our approach

We always ensure we deliver a spectacular service, do it safely and creatively, executing the brief to perfectly suit the exceptional environment and the clients we work for.

Safe Fireworks Displays Special Effects (SPX) Stage Pyro by Angelfire


Safety is key to the execution of our work. Projects are risk assessed and managed to ensure safe and smooth operation.

Professional Fireworks Displays by Angelfire


We meet all of the FX industry standards. Risk assessment, method statement and insurance accompany every project.

Pyrotechnics & Special Effects by Angelfire


Combining over 20 years of experience with new & creative approaches enables us to provide our clients with the most exciting effects possible.

Crew Special Effects (SPX) Stage Pyro by Angelfire


Our teams are trained, experienced and competent.