Pyrotechnics and SFX

Specialists in Pyrotechnics and Special Effects (SFX, SPFX, FX)

We offer a wide range of pyrotechnics and special effects and are experienced at working live events.

Indoor, stage & arena pyrotechnics displays cover a wide range of special effects; from flame effects to gerbs, mines, comets, airbursts, saxons and robotics. Available crowd pleasers include fire-sculpture and lancework that allow any figure, word, logo or symbol to be represented in flame or fireworks. Such a wide and diverse range of effects always inspires us to come up with new and innovative ways to excite. Angelfire technicians are trained to the highest standards in the set up and use of pyrotechnics and special effects and can guarantee our clients safe, creative and professional service. For enquiries please contact us or to explore examples of our work visit our videos page. 

Most popular effects offered include:

  • Giant fountains
  • Low and zero fall-out ‘close proximity’ stage and arena pyrotechnics
  • Flame projectors
  • Confetti and Streamer launches
  • Specialised daylight fireworks (based on coloured smoke)
  • Digitally controlled comet and mine ‘chase’ sequences
  • Low Smoke, Snow & Bubble Machines
  • Flames & CO2 effects
G-Flames Special Effects (SPX) Stage Pyro by Angelfire


The stunning G-Flame system can shoot flames up to 8m high. All of our Flame units have ‘Flame Supervision’ and can be manually fired via our digital firing system or DMX controlled to an accuracy of 1/100 sec, making them perfect for choreographed music displays.

CO2 Special Effects (SPX) Stage Indoor Pyro by Angelfire


Creating a plume of white vapour – CO2 heads can be truss mounted or placed on a stage. Unlike smoke the CO2 vapour dissipates very quickly making ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The CO2 heads can be controlled by push button, DMX or linked to a wireless pyrotechnic control unit. CO2 Guns can also be provided.

Confetti Special Effects (SPX) Stage Indoor Pyro by Angelfire

Confetti & Streamer

There are many ways to launch confetti and streamers including hand held cannon, electric cannon, stadium blowers, swirl fans and stadium shot – whether you required a few hundred kilos or a few hundred grammes we can launch it!

Special Effects (SPX) Stage Indoor Pyro by Angelfire

Other FX Effects

If you’ve an idea for an effect I’m sure we can help – we’ve provided mascelleta displays, balloon launches, beach balls for arenas, coloured smokes, holi powder, bubbles, smoke, low smoke, haze, snow and even an exploding paddling pool – whatever you’d like we love to hear from you.

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Combining precision with creativity, we add to creating memories one finds hard to forget.